IPPL is more than just an organization, with added advantages to existing parameters


Indian Petronas Private Limited has created a benchmark in multiple levels, starting from the way it operates to the resonant environment it creates for a fertile workforce to execute vibrant ideas. IPPL has enabled the use and progress of non-conventional forms of energy generation in India and has made it mainstream over years through the transformation of products into commercial exponents. Packed LPG Cylinders, Aerosol Grade LPG, LP Gas, and Automotive LPG has made it possible for our stakeholders and end-users to be a part of this changing ecosystem and also drive profits from the use of these sustainable energy variants.

IPPL has constantly motivated its engineers, analysts, innovators, and marketing executives to bridge the gap that exists in the industry between the demand and supply curves. While conventional forms of fuel production and dispatch meet the end at some point in time, there are intermittent parameters that cause the rise of effluents in the atmosphere and thereby increase the pollution levels. The dedication and urge to explore has driven IPPL and its fellow ideation experts to create and generalize the concept of Green energy and expand its cover so that our ecological balance can be restored while there’s still some time left to act and educate people about the same. We are working in diverse fields of energy simulation starting from LPG to Propane and Butane and are enabling services that will help consumers and stakeholders to a great extent. We are on the lookout for rapid expansion all across the country and are incorporating every necessary vestibule to carry out the same.

We are reshaping existing parameters, making them wear and tear-free, and creating a vast inclusion of people and their mindsets to develop a system that doesn’t segregate and offers people the best of options to choose from. We all deserve a sustainable approach to the use of fuels in our daily lives and we need to ascertain few ground rules for the same with the environmental situation around us in the 21st century. These ground rules are being constantly worked upon by our industry experts at IPPL and a streamlined procedure is brought forward to the generic audience to create healthy participation.

IPPL, 12 months ago


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Anirban Ghosh, 25th Jan, 2020

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IPPL envelopes sustenance in every way possible, check our recent developments

IPPL is more than just an organization, with added advantages to existing parameters